Company brief

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Acros Pharmatech (Acros) specializes in drug-like building blocks, Heterocyclics, OLED materials, and OPV materials. Our facilities encompass a sprawling 15,000 square meters in a few sites, housing cutting-edge manufacturing plants and hydrogenation facilitiy. 

Backed by a team with extensive experience in prominent pharmaceutical firms, Acros boasts an R&D center staffed with 70% Ph.D. or MS graduates. 

We maintain a comprehensive analytical laboratory to ensure the quality control of our products. We are equipped with modern analytical instruments, including Agilent HPLC, GC, MS, IR, and NMR. 

Acros is capable of tailoring production to meet customers' specifications, whether in grams, kilograms, or bulk quantities. Adhering to GMP standards, we have developed over 2,000 unique products. We welcome any inquiries for custom synthesis.